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Tips for Installing A TV Wall Mount Like The Pros

Do you want to hang your flat screen television on the wall? Perhaps you have put it off for years, or maybe someone else put your first screen up, but now you’ve moved, so it’s up to you. While you might have already invested in a VESA mount, it doesn’t mean you should leave it at that.

The first rule for hanging a flat screen is to remember if you’re truly too intimidated to handle this on your own, if the notion of trying to hang the TV gives you cold sweats, then don’t do it. With that being said, below are some of the tips on how to install tv bracket like the pros.

Choose the Right Tools

Before commencing on anything, you need to ensure you have the right tools for the job in place. If you choose to take the DIY route, then you will need a tape measure, a drill and bits, a screwdriver or screwdriver bit, a level, pencil and stud finder, though optional. You then have to find a reliable place to hang the frame that will support the television.

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To pull this off without feeling the heat, find the studs. There’s more than one way to find studs. A good rule of thumb is to find an outlet on the floor and measure over 16 inches, and that should be a stud. Another way to go about this is to use a stud finder. The choice is entirely up to you.

Run Wires Through The Wall

Once you have all the tools in place and hanged the frame, it is time to put wires in the wall. Ensure that the cables are rated to be placed in walls. For those who are uncertain if their wires are safe for in-wall installation, or if they know that their wires are unsuitable for putting in the walls, they can buy channeling that can be painted and runs from the television to the outlet.

Finally, you have to put the television on the frame, after the frame has been installed. Usually, this is easy to do, but you may need to look to line things up, so you would be wise to enlist help. The idea of a television falling on someone, or falling and breaking is a not a pleasant thought. So be careful with this step.

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