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Top Reasons to Wear Perfume in Singapore

Perfume fragrance is more than just a smell. It’s a carefully blended concoction of notes and ingredients often designed to represent a particular time or place in a person’s life. That’s why it’s essential to select perfumes that best fit your skin chemistry and personality and speak to those around you. If you’re shopping for a loved one, it’s also worth investigating since what smells good to you might not speak to them.

Perfume fragrance retailers can be a great resource to help you navigate the olfactory world and find your perfect match, but with so many options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choice. The best online luxury perfume stores make it easy to shop for scents by family and offer robust descriptions of the notes included in each fragrance. They should also offer a return policy if you end up with a perfume that’s not quite right for you.

As with all beauty products, price is a significant factor in perfume, and the most expensive perfumes often include rare or difficult-to-source ingredients. It takes a lot of jasmine to make enough oil to fill one bottle of perfume, for example, so a high-end perfume will often feature it alongside cheaper, more plentiful elements like grapefruit and ylang-ylang.

Perfumes can also be more expensive for other reasons, too. Some perfume brands splurge on A-list celebrity spokespersons or create limited-edition bottles to generate buzz and hype, which can drive up the price. Of course, there are some perfumes out there that are worth the hefty investment.

A timeless classic that’s been a favorite of celebrities and editors since it launched in 1948, this cult fragrance is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour. Heady white florals are balanced by velvety sandalwood and earthy vetiver to produce a sophisticated and flirty scent.

If you want your perfume fragrance to last longer on your skin, spritz it on your wrists or neck before stepping out the door and then dab lightly where the skin is warmest. Be sure to avoid rubbing your wrists together, which can change the way a perfume performs on you.

Aside from the quality of the ingredients used, another thing that can make perfumes last longer is careful storage. Perfume fragrance should be kept out of the sun and out of extreme temperatures, and they’re best stored in a cool place like your closet or even your fridge if you can swing it. That’s because a sudden temperature change can degrade the scents and cause them to evaporate more quickly.

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